NAC Wins 2013 Short Course Southeastern Championships!

The Nashville Aquatic Club captured their 32nd SES Championship meet title this past weekend.  The meet, hosted by NAC at the Centennial Sportsplex featured outstanding swims across all age groups!

The 13-14 NAC Boys set two meet and Southeastern Swimming records in the 400 Freestyle Relay (Defore, Stopkotte, Patrick, Robinson) and the 400 Medley relay (Robinson, Kyriakidis, Patrick, Defore).

Kallie Chelsvig took home the 10U Girls High Point Award, finishing in a first-place tie, and was also named the Female Outstanding Swimmer of the Meet.

First place finishers from NAC included:

Kallie Chelsvig (10U 200FR, 500FR, 50FLY, 100FLY, 200IM)

Annie Kyriakidis (13-14 50FR, Senior 100BR, 200BR, 200FLY, 400IM)

Elizabeth Stinson (Senior 1000FR, 1650FR, 500FR)

Michelle Chintanaphol (Senior 200BK)

Carrie Johnson (Senior 100FLY)

Sophie Pilkinton (Senior 200IM)

Alex Robinson (13-14 500FR, 1000FR)

Chatham Dobbs (Senior 50FR)

Taylor Charles (Senior 400IM)

Top-8 finishers from NAC included:

Garland Pierce (10U 100FR, 200FR, 500FR, 50BR, 100BR, 100IM, 200IM)

Mikayla Oleksyk (10U 200FR, 500FR)

Kallie Chelsvig (10U 50BK, 100BK)

Isabel Oldham (10U 50BK)

Ophelia Pilkinton (11-12 50FR, 200FR, 100IM, 200IM)

Ella Nelson (11-12 100BR, 200IM)

Youli Yao (11-12 100BR)

Xiuya Yao (13-14 200BR)

Bailey Flynn (13-14 200FLY)

Julia Jane Eskew (13-14 200IM)

JC Robbins (13-14 400IM)

Sophie Pilkinton (Senior 50FR, 100FR, 200FR, 100BR, 100FLY)

Elizabeth Stinson (Senior 200FR)

Michelle Chintanaphol (Senior 100BK, 200IM)

Carrie Johnson (Senior 100BK, 200FLY)

Elena Escalas (Senior 100BR, 200BR, 200FLY)

Maddie Hoff (Senior 100BR, 200IM)

Annie Kyriakidis (Senior 200IM)

Morgan Flynn (Senior 400IM)

John Windley (10U 50FR, 50BR, 100BR, 50FLY, 100FLY, 100IM, 200IM)

Jackson Alford (10U 100FR, 200FR, 500FR, 100BK, 50FLY, 100FLY, 100IM)

Thomas Miller (10U 500FR, 50BK, 100BK)

Erik Hoogerland (11-12 1000FR)

Clay Brasuell (11-12 100BK)

Jackson Defore (13-14 50FR, 100FR, 100BK, 100FLY)

Alex Robinson (13-14 50FR, 100FR, 200FR, 100BK, 200BK)

Elijah Patrick (13-14 50FR, 100FR, 200FR, 100FLY, 200FLY, 400IM)

Noah Stopkotte (13-14 200FR, 500FR, 1000FR, 1650FR, 100BR, 200BR, 400IM)

Casey Charles (13-14 500FR, 1000FR, 1650FR, 200FLY, 400IM)

Seth Kyriakidis (13-14 100BR, 200BR, 100FLY, 200FLY, 200IM, 400IM)

Taylor Charles (Senior 1000FR, 100BK, 200BK, 100FLY, 200FLY, 200IM)

Philip Fossee (Senior 100FR)

Chatham Dobbs (Senior 200FR, 100BK, 200BK, 100FLY)

Cooper Hodge (Senior 200BK, 100BR, 200BR, 200IM, 400IM)

Alex Goss (Senior 100BR, 200BR, 400IM)

Tate Ramsden (Senior 100BR)

Reece Boyd (Senior 100FLY, 200FLY)

Matt McPherson (Senior 400IM)

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