Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers are a vital component of the Nashville Aquatic Club. Because volunteers are mission critical, volunteer requirement information is posted here and will be updated as needed (click here for Parent Volunteer Information.) Volunteer positions for meets and events will be posted online in the weeks leading up to the event. Positions requiring special training will be filled by the coordinator/chair for that position (see contact links below.)

There are several key positions, that are normally filled by experienced parents. However, because of the fluid nature of a volunteer organization, we are continuously looking for individuals who may be interested in gaining experience in and eventually filling one of the following areas. If you are interested in any of these areas, please email the position's contact(s) listed below:

Meet Director
(contact: Gweyn Thomas)

  • Develop/edit meet invitation
  • Coordinate with coaching staff
  • Coordinate with Volunteer Chair
  • Coordinate with Meet Referee
  • Coordinate with Entry Chair
  • Pre-meet set up (heat sheet/coach check in/entry fees)
  • Oversight of all areas of meet management once meet begins
  • Post meet wrap

Meet Referee
(contact: Nicole Harvey)

  • Coordinate with Meet Director
  • Review meet invitation
  • Determine number of officials needed
  • Communicate with NAC Officials
  • Communicate with visiting team
  • Communicate volunteer needs to Volunteer Chair
  • Oversight of officiating during meet

Meet Computer Coordinator (Meet Manager Software)
[will be updated soon])

  • [to be updated soon]

Meet Entry Chair

  • Coordinate with Meet Director
  • Produce event file
  • Manage entries from NAC & visiting teams
  • Verify USAS membership status of all athletes
  • Communicate with coaching staff/NAC visiting team/meet referee
  • Produce heat sheet, reports, lane timer sheets, etc.
  • Be available during meet to handle questions from computer team
  • Finalize meet results and send to appropriate USAS personnel
  • Handle questions post meet

Meet Computer Hardware/Software
(contact: Csaba Biegl or Charlie Bailey)

  • Check lap tops for software updates
  • Physical set up of computers & printers
  • Determine pre-meet any needs
  • Be available for trouble shooting during meet
  • Post-meet assessment of needs

Clerk of Course Table
(contact: Kristan Schiedemeyer)

  • Schedule trained volunteers
  • Primary responsibilities are during warmups & meet
  • Coordinate with computer folks and admin. ref
  • Positive check in/adds/drops/relays/time trials
  • Point of contact for communication during meet

Colorado Timing System
(contact: Steve Charles

  • Schedule trained volunteers
  • Primary responsibilities during meet
  • Run system
  • Oversight of volunteers
  • Coordinate with officials and computer staff

Hospitality Chair
(contact: Cori Morris)

  • Coordinate with Meet Director (number of teams/sessions)
  • Develop menus/work within budget
  • Coordinate with Volunteer Chair – food/concession requests
  • Coordinate schedules
  • Food check in
  • Room set up
  • Shift supervisors
  • Clean up/break down
  • Keep coaches, officials and volunteers happy, hydrated and fed!

Volunteer Coordinator
(contact: Wendy Case & Theresa Pol)

  • Coordinate with Meet Director
  • Determine volunteer needs
  • Set up sessions/times/days
  • Coordinate with all meet chairs regarding specific needs
  • Answer emails from people with questions regarding the volunteer system
  • Provide volunteer sign In sheets
  • Be available at each session for volunteer sign in
  • Review all volunteer sign in sheets
  • Approve all jobs worked (or not worked)
  • Answer emails from people requesting volunteer hours credit balance



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