Pre-Competitive Grp

Pre-Competitive Group

The Nashville Aquatic Club Pre-Competitive Group is the perfect first-time swim team
experience for beginner swimmers. The recommended age for this group is 5-7 years.
The focus of the group is on developing the fundamentals of freestyle and backstroke,
introducing the swimmers to breaststroke and butterfly, and teaching the swimmers how
to practice on a swim team.

The unique thing about this group is that we combine the teaching techniques of swim
lessons with that of our competitive swim team. At every practice, there will be
instructors in the water adjusting strokes AND coaches on the deck. This allows us to
view swimmers from above, as well as be more hands on in the water.

Swimmers in this group must have either graduated from Station 6 in the Swim America
Swim Lesson Program or will need to demonstrate 25 yards of freestyle with proper
breathing and 25 yards of backstroke.

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