Senior Grp (13&Over)

Senior (13 & Over)

Preparation Phase

Competitive Team Phases: Full Team Overview



Theme:  Achieving to the level that their talent and desire will allow

Team Skills:  Focused, Tough, Committed, Proud



This group makes a shift in focus from skill development to competition training. Aerobic endurance is stressed, while weight and dryland training is increased. Swimmers are encouraged to attend all scheduled practices per week as well as all team swim meets. 
Click here for current practice schedules.

SENIOR 2 & 3

These are our elite training groups which prepare swimmers for Regional, National, and International level competition. At this time strength training is increased, as well as training volumes and intensities. Swimmers are expected to attend all workouts at this level, as practices are designed specifically for individual race and stroke needs. Click here for current practice schedules.

Please contact Doug Wharam, Senior Coordinator, at for more information about our Senior 1, Senior 2, and Senior 3 practice groups. 

Team Fees & Monthly Billing

  • Annual Registration Fee: This is an annual, non-refundable fee to cover USA Swimming registration and insurance, subscription to Splash Magazine, team shirt, swim cap, team parties, championship gear, etc.  The registration fee is payable by credit/debit card during the online registration process.

  • Monthly Billing: Monthly training fees will be automatically billed to your account each month and swim meet entry fees will be billed immediately following each meet entered.  A Meet Operation Fee will also be billed for each NAC hosted swim meet. The funds from this fee will help to offset the hospitality cost for the meet and will range from $10-30 per meetNear the end of each month, the balance due will be emailed to each account prior to processing. All fees will be paid electronically on the 1st of the month.

Other Team Programs & Initiatives

  • NAC MeetCrewMeetCrew was developed to ensure adequate staffing for all of our NAC hosted swim meets.  It is a means for our families to come together as a crew of workers to support their athletes and run some of the best swim meets in the country. 

  • NAC Enrichment FundraisingThe NAC Enrichment Fundraising Program is a means for family, friends, employers and local businesses to contribute to the initiatives of the NAC Competitive Team.  All of the donated funds will go directly toward providing enrichment opportunities for NAC athletes, including team building activities and the purchase of new technology to expand instructional influence. 

NAC Team Sponsors