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Ok, so ready to join?  There are 2 simple steps!

1.  Register with USMS Swimming - NAC Master's Club Code is NASH, and we are in the Southeastern (SE) LMSC

2.  Fill out the NAC Masters Registration Form, and turn in to a coach!


Current Fees

Fees Monthly:  $55/month (unlimited)

Fees Quarterly:  $149 (unlimited) - valid for 3 months (cost breakdown: $49/month)

Fees Semiannually:  $286 (unlimited) - valid for 6 months (cost breakdown: $47/month)

Fees Annually:  $550 (unlimited) - valid for 12 months (cost breakdown:  $45/month)

Punch Card*:  $63 for 10 punches, $115 for 20 punches

Out of Town Walk-ins: $7 check (payable to Nashville Aquatic Club), must present USMS Registration card.

Sportsplex Membership:  NAC Masters members can enjoy a special yearly rate for Sportsplex membership, including use of the fitness facilities, and access to the pool outside of NAC Masters hours.  Please contact Doug at the e-mail below for more information.

College student?  Contact for more information.

*Punch cards are available for a cost of $63 (10 punches per card) or $115 (20 punches per card).  This option is provided for our members who are unsure of their practice schedule.  Please click here for information on how to obtain a punch card.

For insurance reasons, all swimmers swimming with NAC Masters must be USMS registered athletes.