Program Offerings


Nashville Aquatic Club is excited to announce new programming beginning this Spring 2016! With the expansion of our non-competitive programming, with SwimFit and PreComp, NAC aims to serve the broader swimming community by providing opportunities for swimmers of varying abilities and commitment levels to gain quality instruction and professional coaching.
As a program, we want to foster the love of the sport while encouraging athletes to stay engaged and develop coordination and athleticism on a variety of platforms. Many of our swimmers are very involved in other activities and have found a nice balance, which allows them to continue swimming, while competing and staying involved in other activities.

What sets NAC apart from the other local swimming programs?

This year, NAC was named one of the top 20 USA Swimming programs in the nation! The NAC Full-Time Coaching Staff commits 100% of their time, energy and resources to providing the most up to date, professional instruction in the sport of swimming. Using visual examples, video demonstration and kinesthetic instruction, we aim to equip athletes with new knowledge and skills to take with them through their summer league/middle school/high school season, to cross train for other sports and activities, or to continue to develop while participating in a SwimFit or PreComp practice group.

Overview of our NEW Spring 2016 Programs

The following NEW programs linked below are designed to provide non-year-round swimmers the same opportunities of instruction and coaching as the NAC Competitive Team.

Summer League Prep

SwimFit Spring Cross-Training

SwimFit Summer Stroke Camps

SwimFit Start Clinics

8&Under City Meet Prep